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NodeBrain Open Source Project

What is NodeBrain?

NodeBrain is an interpreter of a declarative rule-based language designed for construction of state and event monitoring applications. It interacts with other monitoring components to perform simple element state monitoring or complex event correlation based on user specified rules. It is extended through the development of node modules (plug-ins) using NodeBrain's C API, and servants (programs written in any language) that interact with NodeBrain via stdin, stdout, and stderr. A small set of plug-ins are distributed with NodeBrain to provide commonly needed features such as peer-to-peer communication, log monitoring, event caching, and a web browser interface for administrators.

NodeBrain 0.8.16 Released (February 16, 2014)

NodeBrain 0.8.16 was released with minor packaging changes that provide the option to build without features depending on OpenSSL and without selected modules.

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